If everything seems under control,
you're not going fast enough. M.Andretti

Never be afraid, keep the throttle open and always focus on the next turn: this is the only way to cross the finish line first.




Since 1958, Heidrun Europlastic manufactures high-quality plastic household products of daily necessities, with a range that covers more than 500 articles. Through the years and thanks to our reliability and the unique Italian design of our products, we managed to reach clients all over the world.




As well as in product design, Heidrun is also leader in technological innovation of the production system, using state-of-the-art machines and molds. Our resources are all invested in research and development of new solutions, to always create eye-catching and practical products.




Speed, technological innovation and competition. Heidrun’s philosophy is inspired by motor racing: to be successful you have to work hard, focus on a target and never give up. A light and flexible structure, together with a brilliant and farsighted management, is what has always kept Heidrun competitive in an overcrowded market.