Made in Italy



A family story

Heidrun Europlastic is a family business whose roots go back to the first factory founded in 1958 by the forefather. Throughout its long history, the company has maintained the same entrepreneurial vocation by expanding its market abroad already in the early 1980s. From the 90s to today, Heidrun has continued to develop its offer, now reaching one of the widest assortments, especially in the Storage category. In recent years, new highly successful products have confirmed Heidrun among the major players on the European market. Even if the world has already changed several times since that first machine installed over sixty years ago, Heidrun continues its story by following its principles and trusting its nature: a family.

What we stand out for

The family character of Heidrun Europlastic not only stems from a long tradition in the sector, but also from the personal involvement and commitment of family members in the business. Product design, production processes, customer management: every aspect is followed with care and consideration. Italian quality is recognizable in every product: from its design to the advanced molds and 4.0 machinery used to make it, tailor-made for Heidrun by Italian excellence. The company structure is agile and flexible, with great customer orientation and attention to its needs, always looking for the best solution for its requests.

All you thought you need

“Good” plastic

From manufacturing to delivery of goods, Heidrun Europlastic has always carried out good ecological practices. Making use of the most innovative technology, the company relies on hybrid machines which ensure a great energy saving and the reduction of emission into the environment. Product themselves give a sustainable contribution. All products are made of nontoxic material (PP), they are infinitely reusable, durable, and completely recyclable. Not only that: during production, scraps are entirely recovered, recycled, and regenerated to be used again for new products. Nothing is wasted! Finally, an important contribution to sustainability is given by intermodal transport which concerns 50% of the supplied goods.

Relationship with the customer

The strength of the company is the relationship with the customer, direct or through its agents. The simple and streamlined structure of its staff allows Heidrun to establish a direct and personal relationship with all those involved in the business: we strongly believe in the human factor. This is why the encounter with people, direct contact, the possibility of having an open and informal dialogue, is what characterizes the modus operandi of people in Heidrun. Proximity and support are what allows the company to create and maintain excellent relationships with its customers over time, transmitting to them the reliability and authenticity of its brand.

Our vision

Technological innovation, commitment, and competition. Heidrun Europlastic's philosophy is inspired by motor racing world, of which it has been part for many years as a team sponsor in the MotoGpTM World Championship: to be successful, you need to focus on the goal and work hard to achieve it. As a winning racing team carefully selects its champions, so the company relies exclusively on state-of-the-art machinery and molds to achieve excellent results. The tendency to progress and the speed of adaptation, together with the great work of a lean but highly competent team, are the growth factors that allow the company to be always competitive in the wide and over-crowded international market.